Las Damas de Baxter

Baxter Institute had its beginning in Mexico City in 1964. The dreamabout_first class was to equip and train Latin American students who had completed high school. Entrance requirements would be high; students would be required to maintain high moral standards, and to earn good grades. In addition, students would spend weekends in evangelistic efforts, giving practical experience to ground the classroom theory.

With these aspirations in mind, the property was located in Mexico City to begin this four-year institute. The West End Church of Christ in Nashville was among the first to become involved in this work; the Garden Oaks Church in Houston was close behind. Harris Goodwin and Dan Coker provided important leadership during the early days in Mexico.

about_clinicProblems developed with the Mexican government, labor unions, and the postal service. Baxter then began looking for a location where the government was more cooperative. Finally, a property was found in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and Baxter was moved to its present site in 1978.

In the 1980s large campaign groups of students, evangelized in the Global Campaign efforts throughout Latin America. In the early 90s, the institute was greatly enhanced with the construction of a men’s dorm and the administration building complex including classrooms, library, computer lab, and chapel. The construction of its cafeteria, amphitheater, and married student apartments followed. The Baxter Clinic was added with the purpose of serving and ministering to the impoverished of Tegucigalpa. Then the CELO program, a leadership training by extension program and PEC, a three-year intensive Saturday class for preachers and church leaders, was begun and has educated thousands of church leaders all over Latin America.

Below you will see recent reports from the Baxter Institute and some of its graduates. We will also have pictures and videos from Baxter that you are more than welcome to look at.

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