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Baxter's latest news for you - June 10, 2021


     Greetings from Honduras! I pray this letter finds you well and that your life is slowly returning to "normal." Here in Honduras, there are glimmers of hope for a return to some sort of normalcy, but the country is still very much struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those glimmers of hope is the arrival of the first vaccines from Russia and AstraZeneca! We are so pleased to share that 30 individuals from the clinic staff and administration were able to receive the first of two shots of the vaccination! We are unsure as to when the rest of our personnel and student body will be vaccinated. Only 2% of the population in Honduras has received the vaccine.

Because of the pandemic, in 2020 we only hosted one US mission brigade. We were very excited to welcome that same group back as our first brigade of this year. They were a group of 12 fully vaccinated young adults along with long-time Baxter friends, Dudley and Vicki Chancey. They worked in our clinic and held two medical brigades in poor areas of Honduras. They also built a house for an employee of Baxter, began construction on a church building, and painted two Baxter buildings. Unfortunately, the COVID problem means we will only be hosting four groups in 2021 instead of the pre-COVID 25 groups.

Construction on the new school entrance had been halted for one year, but now has begun again! It should be completed any day now. We are so thankful for the donors, the architectural and engineering work of Melissa Calix and Fernando Izaguirre, and the direction of the foreman, Alfonso Gutierrez. Another long-time Baxter friend, Rich Quinn, will install cameras and monitors for the new guard station in the entrance once the construction is completed.

During all of last year and this year, two groups of people have con­sistently been a blessing to Baxter. One of these groups is our students. We are so proud of their strength and resiliency, and we are so excited by this year's freshman class. There are two young men who are sons of Baxter graduates in this class. Their parents are active in ministry in Colombia and in Mexico City.

The second group is our supporters. We want to say a huge thank you for your support during these times. Please share the good news of this mission effort with those who might help with our current financial shortfall. We are so thankful for you and for the ways God uses you to support Baxter and the ministries here that spread the gospel and love of Jesus.

Thank you! God bless you all.

Steve Teel, D. Min., President of Baxter

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Baxter's latest news for you

Baxter Graduates

Just 9 months ago, Anthony Ramos (pictured here) was graduating with Baxter's class of 2019. Now, he is planting a church and sharing the gospel in Duverge, Dominican Republic. Baxter graduates are doing the same all over Latin America and even in Holland! We are so very proud of Anthony and the other Baxter graduates that are out working hard to bring more brothers and sisters to love the Lord!

Baxter Families
It is not uncommon to have several members of one family graduate or complete courses at Baxter and then continue on to become ministers at congregations. Featured here is Edgar Huertas, a Guatemalan, and his family. Edgar and his wife, Sucely, work with a team of Baxter graduate families serving with Mission Upreach, planting churches in northwest Honduras. In the video, Edgar is working with a group of deaf members that are signing the hymn he is singing! The rest of Edgar's family are pictured with him at graduation in the beginning of the video. His parents and one of his brothers (Baxter graduates) minister at churches in Guatemala, while another brother ministers in Mexico. It is impossible to know just how many lives this family will affect. What a beautiful family spreading the good news of the gospel to so many!
COVID-19 Updates
Do you want to know how Baxter is handling the pandemic? Check out the following Facebook link for updates on Baxter in the midst of COVID-19: #baxtercoronavirus.

Can I really make a difference for those in Honduras?

During this pandemic, COVID-19 rages in Tegucigalpa where there are no empty hospital beds to be found. Baxter's doctors, Dr. Xiomara Erazo and pharmacist Dr. Jessica Izaguirre, are on the front lines treatingpatients.Pictured here is a letter they received thanking them for treating one of their patients. Dr. Erazo had this to say, "The stories of Baxter are infinite, and it is not that we do much, but that God always manifests His love through those who serve Him. Thank you to each person who puts forth his financial, physical and spiritual efforts to allow us to serve.”
Your financial donations, physical presence (during safer times, of course), and spiritual prayers absolutely help people in Honduras! You can make a huge difference.

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